News - User numbers in Ethereum L2 sector explode

By Ted Maas

User numbers in Ethereum L2 sector explode

Arbitrum (ARB)
Optimism (OP)
Loopring (LRC)

After a tough few weeks, Ethereum is making a comeback. The layer 2 sector is also benefiting, with exploding user numbers.

Data from Growthepie shows that the number of users in the Ethereum Layer 2 sector has risen sharply. In total, there are more than seven million users, up 30 percent in the past seven days.

With about 3.8 million weekly active addresses, Arbitrum is the most widely used Ethereum layer 2 network. The Coinbase-L2 base has 1.18 million addresses.

The reason for the strong growth: airdrop speculation and the steady increase in network activity in recent months. The recent speculation surrounding the Ethereum Spot ETF probably also contributed to the rise. People expect Layer-2 coins to benefit from the price increase.

Since the announcement - Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas expects 75 percent of ETFs to be approved - ETH has risen by about 29 percent and an Ethereum will get you almost €3,500. L2 prices have also soared as a result.

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