News - User pays 83 BTC for one Bitcoin transaction

By Luc Vesters

User pays 83 BTC for one Bitcoin transaction

Bitcoin (BTC)
Wallets and Whales

An unfortunate Bitcoin whale paid $3.1 million for a BTC transaction. This appears from data on the chain. It is the highest fee ever paid for a Bitcoin payment. In September, the previous record yet to be set. Then a user, which later turned out to be the company Paxos, paid $500,000 for a transaction.

The unknown, unfortunate person wanted to send "only" US$2.1 million (55.77 BTC) - less than he paid in fees. In all likelihood, this is a typo when the Bitcoin user manually set the fees. If he does not make adjustments, it is possible for miners to catch the difference in the amount to be sent, in this case from the mining pool Antpool.

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