News - VanEck launches crypto platform and NFT marketplace

By Ted Maas

VanEck launches crypto platform and NFT marketplace

US asset manager VanEck is moving deeper into the sector with its new SegMint platform.

VanEck has launched a crypto platform and NFT marketplace called SegMint, designed to facilitate ownership sharing and access to self-preserved assets. The U.S. asset manager announced this in a press release. To achieve this goal, SegMint relies on a principle called Lock & Key.

The model is designed to allow users to retain control of their assets while sharing access with others. A lock remains with the first user, who can, however, give multiple keys to other users.

"We have discovered a weakness in the digital asset economy: the challenge of sharing access to and ownership of assets in a world of self-custody," says SegMint CEO Matt Bartlett, who explains the move in the statement above.

The platform is initially aimed at users familiar with blockchain. Later, however, the general public will also be able to participate.

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