News - Vitalik Buterin moves part of his ETH

By Mike Hesp

Vitalik Buterin moves part of his ETH

Ethereum (ETH)
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Ethereum founder sends crypto worth one million to Coinbase. An explanation has not yet been given. There is speculation on the Internet about Buterin's plans.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin sent 600 ETH (equivalent to one million US dollars) to a cryptowallet on the crypto exchange Coinbase.

Onchain analysts at PeckShield reported Buterin's transfer on Aug. 21, which initially went to a multichain address before being resent to another address that Etherscan marked as belonging to Coinbase.

Buterin has not yet commented on the transaction. Inflows on exchanges are generally seen as a sign that investors intend to sell their crypto currencies against fiat currencies.

On Twitter speculate users that Buterin plans to transfer his ETH to Coinbase's recently launched layer 2 solution, BASE, to use the network's new DApp for social media, Friend.Tech.

The transfer comes after crypto markets plunged last week, with the Ethereum price fell to $1,670 for the first time since June.

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