News - Vitalik Buterin owns Ether worth more than $800 million

By Mike Hesp

Vitalik Buterin owns Ether worth more than $800 million

For Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, the year 2024 is going extremely well so far. His net worth is also benefiting from the rising ETH rate.

The Ethereum leader boasts a successful first half of the year. According to data from Arkham Intelligence is Vitalik Buterin's net worth thanks to Ether increased from $552.86 million at the beginning of the year to now more than $834.66 million.

Most of this impressive sum comes from the Ether stocks he received back at the launch of the Ethereum blockchain: about 246,730 ETH.

However, the crypto entrepreneur is certainly diversifying his portfolio, as in addition to Ethereum, Vitalik has also reportedly invested in several projects such as StarkNet invested.

In 2014, at the young age of 20, Vitalik published the Ethereum white paper, which proposed Ethereum as a solution to Bitcoin's perceived weaknesses.

It paid off: when the Ethereum blockchain was launched in 2015, Vitalik received a significant share of the first ETH coins, which quickly made him one of the richest crypto entrepreneurs.

At the height of the bull market in 2021, with Ether's record high of $4,891, Vitalik's net worth also soared to more than a billion US dollars.

Although he went to in their own words never owned more than 0.9 percent of all circulating Ether, Vitalik remains the richest individual ETH investor by far.

Only Ethereum pre-sale investor Rain Lohmus could challenge him for the title with 250,000 ETH. However, he has lost access to his private keys.

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