News - Vitalik Buterin praises Bitcoin NFTs and denounces 'maxis'

By Ted Maas

Vitalik Buterin praises Bitcoin NFTs and denounces 'maxis'

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Should Bitcoin also use creative expressions such as NFTs? The founder of Ethereum has a clear opinion on this.

The founder of Ethereum speaks out in favor of the controversial Bitcoin NFTs, called ordinals. And also dares to take a swipe at BTC maximalists.

In a Twitter space on July 6, 2023, Vitalik Buterin said, "The Ordinals are reviving a culture. I feel like there's a real pushback against the "Laser-eye" (other name for BTC maxis), and that's good." You can hear the full Space here Finding.

The Space was hosted by the founders of Bitcoin Wizards. They are considered the forerunners of Ordinals and see themselves as an outspoken counter-movement against BTC maximalism. Ordinals are NFTs on Bitcoin. They are experiencing hype but are considered controversial because they take advantage of the limited storage space on the blockchain.

The new trend poses a fundamental question: what should Bitcoin be used for? Only as a store of value or also for creative things?

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