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By Ted Maas

Wallet awakened from the Satoshi era

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An old Bitcoin-wallet from the Satoshi era has been reactivated after 10 years. This wallet dates back to the early days of Bitcoin, when Satoshi Nakamoto himself was still active on online forums.

The movement of BTC from very old wallets often piques the curiosity of the crypto community. Some people naturally look for a connection to Satoshi himself. After all, the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin is said to own more than 1.1 million BTC.

This wallet does not have 1.1 million BTC, but still an impressive 687 BTC. Currently, the wallet is worth about US$43.5 million. The unknown owner sent his assets to two different addresses yesterday, Monday. His wallet first sent 625.43 Bitcoin to a new address that began with "bc1qky" and another 61.9 Bitcoin to "bc1qdc." Experts suspect that such surprising moves were made by very early Bitcoin miners or investors.

In recent years, many Satoshi-era walletz have been reactivated. In most cases, however, they only transferred their BTCs to a new address. However, some also transferred Bitcoin to exchanges. This suggests that they are selling or want to trade their gains. According to a report, 1.75 million Bitcoin wallets have been inactive for more than a decade. They contain a total of 1,798,681 BTC currently worth about $121 billion.

Many of the old wallets have huge BTC positions because they often bought them extremely low. Today they are worth several million.

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