News - Whales buy the following memecoins

By Ted Maas

Whales buy the following memecoins

dogwifhat (WIF)
Wallets and Whales
Whales kopen de volgende memecoins

Prices in the crypto market continue to fall at the beginning of the week. A favorable opportunity for bargain hunters. These memecoins were picked up by several whales.

Wealthy crypto speculators, also known as whales, have used the downturn in the crypto market to make additional purchases. As the on-chain service Lookonchain reports on X, whales have invested millions in the tokens Slerf, Bome and Boden.

All three are recently launched memecoins on Solana - and have suffered visible damage in the sell-off of recent weeks. Slerf has fallen 18 percent week-on-week, while Bome and Boden have dropped nearly 40 percent. According to Lookonchain, whales also relinquished memecoin Dogwifhat (WIF) for a total of US$12 million during the market correction. The price of WIF also fell 36 percent during the week.

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