News - Who is the unknown Whale?

By Mike Hesp

Who is the unknown Whale?

Bitcoin (BTC)
Wallets and Whales

One wallet, many questions: there is busy speculation online as to who has three billion dollars in Bitcoin might possess. Who is the mysterious Mr. X?

An unidentified Bitcoin investor is currently feeding the rumor mill.

The crypto wallet, which has been active since November 2022, is now filled with more than 50,000 Bitcoin, the equivalent of $3.3 billion dollars.

It is notable that there are regular, often several times a day, about the same amount flows into the wallet: 100 Bitcoin.

That the cryptowallet belongs to a private person is being questioned in social media because of its high spending.

It also seems unlikely that it could be an ETF provider. The relevant addresses are publicly available.

There is speculation on X whether a government ordered the purchases. There is no evidence of that.

Appropriately enough, Edward Snowden did a similar assumption.

"A national government will reveal this year that it bought Bitcoin without making the fact public," Snowden said on X.

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