News - Will ChatGPT be sending Bitcoin transactions soon?

By Ted Maas

Will ChatGPT be sending Bitcoin transactions soon?

Bitcoin (BTC)

Lightning Labs is working on integrating artificial intelligence into the blockchain. Will ChatGPT soon become a Bitcoiner?

In recent years, there has never been so much hype surrounding two topics: Bitcoin and artificial intelligence (AI). Lightning developer Lightning Labs now wants to combine both technologies and has presented several tools for this purpose. AI applications should send and receive BTC through the Lightning network; an important step for the interoperability of crypto and artificial intelligence.

Lightning Labs wants this to make the work of Lightning and AI developers more attractive. The tools should also ensure fast and cheap payment and allow Bitcoin and Lightning to be seamlessly integrated into AI applications.

GPT technology on Bitcoin

The development is based on the "L402 protocol," an autentication mechanism of Lightning. In addition, it relies on "Langchain," which serves as a kind of library to simplify operations with AI applications. A bang for the buck: Lightning Labs is even bringing OpenAI's GPT technology to the blockchain. The statement reads as follows:

"The so-called 'LLM Agent BitcoinTools' use the recently released OpenAI GPT technology to hold, transmit, receive and host bitcoin Lightning Nodes using artificial intelligence."

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