News - Will Joe Biden also accept crypto donations?

By Luc Vesters

Will Joe Biden also accept crypto donations?

US President Joe Biden's campaign is getting involved in crypto donations. This reports The Block. According to the report, the campaign team is in talks with industry representatives. The move is reportedly intended to win over crypto-conscious voters. A question from The Block remained unanswered.

Donations must be processed through Coinbase Commerce. The platform already offers the service to Republican rival candidate Donald Trump. He announced in May that he would accept crypto donations during the election campaign.

In the past, Biden has attracted attention for his restrictive policies toward cryptocurrencies. Most recently, he vetoed the cancellation of an SEC directive requiring banks and other financial institutions to list cryptocurrencies they hold for customers as liabilities on their own balance sheets.

In the race for the Oval Office, crypto seems to be playing an increasingly important role in the election campaign. According to a survey by market research firm Harris Poll, a third of American voters want crypto-focused candidates to play a role in their decision.

The U.S. has been struggling for years to find a common approach to regulating cryptocurrencies. In the past, this uncertainty has repeatedly led to legal disputes between the financial regulator SEC and various crypto companies.

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