News - Will there be a Solana ETF thanks to President Trump?

By Luc Vesters

Will there be a Solana ETF thanks to President Trump?

VanEck and 21Shares recently filed initial applications for Solana ETFs. The chances of the SEC approving this are currently considered very slim, but according to the Market-Making firm GSR, Donald Trump could change that. In a new statement to Coindesk, GSR explains that Trump as president could turn the regulatory environment for the introduction of crypto-ETFs on its head and speed up the process significantly. The first to benefit from this? Solana!

"Solana is ready for a spot ETF, if more spot ETFs for digital assets are approved in the US. The impact on the price could be huge," GSR said. ETF filings have boosted the Solana price. Currently, SOL is trading around $147.55, up about 4 percent in the past 24 hours. Compared to last week, the price is up as much as 18 percent.

"The first SOL ETF to be filed in the U.S. ... One thinks it only has a chance of coming to market sometime in 2025 if we have new leadership in the White House and at the SEC," says ETF expert James Seyffart at X.

Because of its significantly lower market capitalization, GSR expert Brian Rudick sees huge potential. If Solana gets just five percent of the net inflows that Bitcoin has experienced, he believes the SOL price could more than triple. That the Solana ETF could launch this year, however, is ruled out.

Solana fans should not uncork the champagne too soon. The SOL-ETF scenario requires Trump not only to win, but also to fulfill his crypto-election promises. Not everyone believes he will.

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