News - Winklevoss twins donate $2 million in Bitcoin to Trump

By Ted Maas

Winklevoss twins donate $2 million in Bitcoin to Trump

The founders of Gemini are opening their digital wallet to Donald Trump. They hope the Republican will put an end to the "war against crypto".

So Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, founders of the crypto exchange Gemini, have made their support for Donald Trump quite public. In a lengthy tweet on X (formerly Twitter), Tyler Winklevoss explains that he and his brother each put $1 million in Bitcoin have donated to the Republican presidential candidate.

He explains his decision as follows: "In recent years, the Biden administration has openly declared war on crypto. The government has given government agencies the weapons to harass, harass and sue good players in our industry with the goal of destroying them."

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is the "pro-bitcoin, pro-crypto and pro-business choice," continued Winklevoss. It was time "For the Crypto Army to send a message to Washington".

The comments under his tweet are divided. While some support the decision, others are more skeptical: "What did he do for crypto when he was president?" asks one user. During his tenure, Trump was seen as a major critic of Bitcoin and crypto.

Meanwhile, Gemini, the twins' crypto exchange, announced a donation program for "pro-crypto candidates".

Earlier, the Winklevoss twins joined the crypto-lobby group "Fairshake" by donating nearly US$5 million.

It "Super PAC" also wants to support politicians who are supporters of the crypto sector. The supporters include a group of specialists from U.S. exchanges: from Coinbase, Kraken and Gemini to Andreessen Horowitz. The lobby group currently has a volume of more than $100 million.

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