News - Worldcoin: Orb operators are paid in WLD

By Ted Maas

Worldcoin: Orb operators are paid in WLD

Orb operators will soon be verifying users for Worldcoin. The company has hinted in a blog post that employees will soon not receive USDC but WLD.

The "transition phase," in which Orb operators were paid through USDC, ends as early as November next year. Orbs are used by Worldcoin to verify the "uniqueness and humanity" of users and are deployed in many locations worldwide. The upcoming payment change will not affect U.S. operators for now, as they cannot be paid in Worldcoin (WLD).

During the update, the company also took a closer look at the data. Since its launch, 34 million WLD tokens have been distributed to users who have made their Iris available to the startup. In addition, the company led by ChatGPT creator Sam Altman has paid out 100 million to Marketmaker as a loan. That totals 1.34 percent of the total offering.

However, this circulating offer may be reduced because the loans with the five market makers mentioned above expire tomorrow, Oct. 24. They can then be extended until Dec. 15, but the amount will then be only 75 million WLD instead of 100 million. If the market makers do not buy up the remaining 25 million tokens in addition to the loan, they will be removed from the circulating offer - then instead of 134, there would only be a minimum of 119 million WLD tokens in circulation. Check out the current price of WLD.

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