News - XRP price explodes: Ripple wins lawsuit against SEC

By Ted Maas

XRP price explodes: Ripple wins lawsuit against SEC

Ripple (XRP)
Laws and regulations

Ripple has won the decisive court case against the U.S. securities regulator SEC. XRP is now officially not a security, at least not for retail investors. The price is unstoppable and is also pulling up the rest of the crypto market.

Ripple has won its legal dispute with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The U.S. securities regulator had accused Ripple of claiming that XRP was a security/security. This accusation resulted in a legal dispute that lasted for years and has now been decided in Ripple's favor. So XRP is not a security under U.S. law, at least not in trading on exchanges between private investors. Thus, trading through exchanges does not meet the Howey criteria for a security.

Rewards, investments and grants in XRP and remittances to executives in XRP are also not considered securities. However, the court ruled that institutional sales of XRP should be assessed as unregistered securities transactions. The ruling is groundbreaking for Ripple and the entire crypto sector. Finally, the court's ruling can be interpreted as precedent.

For the American Authority and its chairman Gary Gensler, this is a severe blow. After all, it insisted that most cryptocurrencies should be classified as securities. The market reaction was overwhelming. Within minutes, the XRP price shot up by more than 30 percent. All other cryptocurrencies also reacted to the news.

It will now be exciting to see what impact the court ruling has on the battle between the SEC and the cryptocurrency industry. If XRP is not an security, then it increases the chances that other cryptocurrencies will also not fall under this category. This prospect is very positive for the entire market

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