News - You can get NFTs tattooed thanks to this new machine

By Mike Hesp

You can get NFTs tattooed thanks to this new machine


A new tattoo machine from Texas allows body jewelry to be stored as NFTs on the blockchain. Artists are also expected to benefit from the innovation.

The Texas-based start-up Blackdot has unveiled a tattoo robot that can immortalize body jewelry as NFTs on the Blockchain. This reports the crypto news portal The Block.

The idea is that the "Blackout" machine presents customers with a selection of designs that are simultaneously stored as NFTs. The respective artists behind it can then earn money each time their designs are used.

The start-up, which has already completed a $4.5 million funding round in 2021 closed, has prominent support for its latest project: NFT pioneer Tyler Hobbs is convinced of the idea.

About the first demonstration of the device, he says, "It was just overwhelming what kind of precision and detail [Blackout] can achieve."

Hobbs went on to say, "This fusion of man and machine is a huge passion of mine."

That's why working with Blackdot was "really exciting" for him.

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