News - Apple Macs a danger to crypto users?

By Luc Vesters

Apple Macs a danger to crypto users?

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Hackers are able to exploit a security flaw in current Apple Mac devices to steal crypto from users. This reports Ars Technica. According to the report, security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in Apple's M1, M2 and new M3 chips, which the company installs in its Macs.

Cryptographic keys can reportedly be extracted from these chips in a so-called "go-fetch attack." Crypto software wallets would also be affected. Apple devices with Intel chips, however, would not be at risk.

Meanwhile, there are only a few options for users to protect themselves. When in doubt, wallets that are not secured with additional hardware (ledger, Trezor) should be removed.

According to the researchers, however, the attack is "impractical" and presumably targeted only at wealthy crypto owners. Nevertheless, the vulnerability poses a risk to applications such as MetaMask, iCloud backups and email.

Apple has reportedly already been notified of the vulnerability. The company has published a temporary fix for developers. Still, a macOS patch is needed to completely eliminate successful attacks.

Crypto users have been repeatedly targeted by hackers and phishing scammers. Most recently after a security breach at wallet provider Trezor. You can read about the best way to store your Bitcoin and co. here.

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