News - Bitcoin is larger than the population of Spain

By Mike Hesp

Bitcoin is larger than the population of Spain

Bitcoin consumes as much electricity as entire countries. Also a country comparison: BTC hodlers and the population of Spain.

The number of BTC hodlers now exceeds the population of Spain. This is proven by data from Glassnode.

Bitcoin holders are counted by the total number of addresses in the blockchain whose balance is not zero.

According to this data, there are currently 48.5 million wallet addresses, more than the population of Spain with 47.5 million.

The current number of Bitcoin holders is also higher than the population of countries such as Argentina, Algeria and Iraq.

Adoption continues, with whales buying $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin in the last few trading days.

One of these whales became the third-largest BTC holder with more than 100,000 Bitcoin in just three months. The identity is unknown, BlackRock is suspected.

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