News - Bitcoin Whale active again after 13 years

By Luc Vesters

Bitcoin Whale active again after 13 years

An old Bitcoin address has made its first transaction in 13 years. That's according to data from Whale Alert, the crypto-whale tracker.

According to these records, the address sent 33 BTC, worth $2.1 million. Where the coins went is not known. The receiving address is not linked to any crypto exchanges or other whale addresses.

The first transaction of this unknown occurred in June 2011, a little less than a year after the disappearance of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. It is often speculated that sleeping whales wake up to sell their Bitcoin at a favorable time, but usually they only move their BTC stocks to one or more new addresses.

Last month, a Satoshi-era Bitcoin whale moved 1,000 BTC after being inactive for 10 years.

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