News - Chainlink popular by whales

By Mike Hesp

Chainlink popular by whales

Cryptowhales have been diligently investing in LINK tokens in recent days. In doing so, Chainlink is currently suffering from a price drop.

The LINK price has lost significant ground recently - cryptowhales seem to see a good deal in this.

Like the on-chain service Lookonchain on X reports, more than two million LINK tokens were purchased through Binance within a week.

The counter value is about $30 million. "It seems whales/agencies are collecting LINK," Lookonchain said.

In recent weeks, the LINK stock price has been in dire straits. In June, LINK recorded a 25 percent price drop. Currently, the token stands at $14.30. Compared to last week, the price is up two percent.

For a slight share price recovery last week, the integration of the Chainlink application Data Streams on Avalanche. More on that here.

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