News - Citizens in Buenos Aires get a blockchain ID

By Mike Hesp

Citizens in Buenos Aires get a blockchain ID

Buenos Aires is introducing an ID system that uses the blockchain. In the future, citizens will be able to access sensitive documents through a wallet.

Buenos Aires is introducing a blockchain-based ID for citizens of the metropolis. For this, the Argentine capital is partnering with QuarkID, and the registration system will be based on the Ethereum Layer 2 solution zkSync.

"Starting in October, Argentine citizens in Buenos Aires will be able to use a self-managed QuarkID wallet download to request birth and marriage certificates," said a press release. "Documents such as proof of income and academic degrees will be available starting in November."

Through blockchain ID, citizens can: "claim ownership of their personal documents and health data" and "in the future also manage payment processing," it continues.

Buenos Aires is thus taking a leadership role in digitalization. According to Diego Fernandez, innovation minister of the Buenos Aires city government, they are setting a standard for "how other countries in the region should use blockchain technology for the benefit of their citizens."

In the background, the country is also investigating against Worldcoin, which wants to introduce a World ID based on eye scans. Sam Altman's project is in Argentina under fire over data protection concerns.

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