News - Competition for Solana: Aptos launches its own Web3 smartphone

By Luc Vesters

Competition for Solana: Aptos launches its own Web3 smartphone

Solana (SOL)
Web 3.0

Aptos plans to launch its own Web3 smartphone. For this purpose, it is collaborating with Jambo Technology, a Web3 company. The focus is on the African continent. People want to use their smartphones to contribute to education through Web3. The cost: $99. The cell phone will be available in more than 40 countries. It comes with pre-installed Aptos apps.

Aptos emerged as blockchain from Diem, Facebook's scrapped project. It focuses on speed using new technologies. Blockchain is currently experiencing tremendous growth thanks to airdrops. With its choice of a smartphone, Aptos is following in the footsteps of Solana, its biggest competitor.

Last year launched Solana Saga, the world's first Web3 phone. It cost $1,000 and barely sold. The turning point: an airdrop campaign worth nearly $2,000, combined with a price drop to about $600. The Saga sold out overnight. The successor has already been announced. He has already received more than 100,000 pre-orders.

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