News - Dior and Lacoste launch new Web3 initiatives

By Ted Maas

Dior and Lacoste launch new Web3 initiatives

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Sneakers paired with NFTs: Dior and Lacoste, two of the world's biggest fashion brands, are taking the plunge into Web3 with their own NFT collections.

Dior will soon release the B33 sneaker edition. A shoe paired with NFTs, so-called phygital shoes. The pun is meant to connect the digital and physical worlds. According to the home page, each pair of real shoes will have an "encrypted code" that gives access to a "personalized, secure platform with exclusive services".

Lacoste launched its Web3 ambitions as early as late June 2023, according to Vogue Business. The collection is called Undw3 and includes an NFT card. Owners can add several "experiences" experience.

This experience includes: a closed Discord channel, games, special events organized by the brand and co-production of Lacoste apparel. For each engagement, a user receives rewards.

Web3 is becoming increasingly popular with big brands. Many well-known names are already involved; most want to follow. That's according to a new report. Still, it doesn't quite want to catch on with the general public yet.

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