News - Ethereum founder on "World ID" concept

By Ted Maas

Ethereum founder on "World ID" concept

The World ID concept creates dangers in privacy, decentralization and security. This is what Vitalik Buterin says in a detailed blog post.

Yesterday, Monday, July 24, the long-awaited crypto project of Open AI founder Sam Altman was launched. With Worldcoin, it should soon be possible for all people worldwide to create a unique digital identity (World-ID). The project also brings controversy. Namely, users create their online identity using an iris scan. This could inevitably lead to problems, as Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin explains in a blog post.

On the one hand, there are concerns about security because more user data than intended may be captured during a scan. On the other hand, it is difficult for many people to obtain the necessary hardware, the "Orb." A difficult obstacle to global acceptance, Buterin said. Moreover, the hardware could not be verified. This means it would theoretically be possible for the Worldcoin Foundation to build hidden backdoors into the device to extract data.

So the risk of identity theft is certainly present, and so there are concerns about users' personal security. As with private keys in cryptowallets, users could also inadvertently or unknowingly give their iris data to malicious parties. Despite the criticism, Vitalik Buterin at the same time praised the Worldcoins concept because it is highly developed and prevails over other "proof-of-personhood"conceptten.

According to him, there is a trade-off. Specialized hardware generally has the potential to create a protected identity. But its use clearly raises new concerns about centralization and security.

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