News - Ethereum Spot ETFs may launch next week

By Mike Hesp

Ethereum Spot ETFs may launch next week

They are still considered only a formality: the pesky S-1 applications. As it looks, the SEC be able to concede next week - and the Ethereum ETFs approve.

Everyone is waiting for the go-ahead - according to Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas could have it next week: Ethereum Spot ETFs will be allowed to trade.

Although "no new date" is known, Balchunas said, "but if you forced me with a gun to my head to give my best guess for the date, I would guess July 18."

On Monday, the SEC formally requested the outstanding S-1 applications. According to Balchunas, this is a usual procedure. The authority now draws up a "game plan" - after which approval follows. This is what the crypto world has been waiting for since late May, when the authority approved the 19b-4 applications.

These were initially only statements of intent. Experts subsequently expected a approval in July.

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