News - Hack at Base L2: This is what the thieves did.

By Ted Maas

Hack at Base L2: This is what the thieves did.

The layer 2 network Base, which has only been around for three days, has already fallen victim to another hack. This time it is the decentralized exchange RocketSwap.

The hackers managed to "fork" a total of 471 ETH worth about US$870,000 (USD) from RocketSwap. According to RocketSwap, the hackers were able to steal privatekeys that the company had stored externally on a server.

In the aftermath of the hack, the hackers show they are not occasional thieves. Instead of cashing in the stolen Ether, they started the Memecoin project LoveRCKT. Of course, paid for with Rocketswap's stolen liquidity.

Within a day, LoveRCKT's price rose to three times its value. Meanwhile, it collapsed again. It is not known if the hackers were able to cash in on the price increase.

And RocketSwap? They are trying to limit the damage. On X, the company writes: "The RocketSwap team is collecting the addresses that were attacked. We will also discuss compensation options. We hope this utility will save people some losses."

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