News - Homer and The Simpsons make fun of NFTs

By Ted Maas

Homer and The Simpsons make fun of NFTs

What are NFTs? According to the Simpsons: a "freight train" powered solely by FOMO. The latest Simpsons episode is a caricature of the NFT industry.

The title: "Wild Barts Can't Be Tokens." The story: Bart becomes the first human NFT and Marge Simpson (Bart's mother), must save him.

She delves into the world of NFTs, which turns out to be a freight train full of "non-fungible tokens." The train travels through the middle of nowhere, "powered by the richest fuel in the universe: FOMO." The episode plays with all kinds of crypto-jargon and particularly ridicules NFTs. When Homer explains to his wife Marge that their son now lives in his cell phone, she yells, "Oh, no. He's an app". And Homer corrects her, "No, he's an NFT. Apps really do things." Marge increases her value by killing other NFTs. This is how she gets increasingly expensive NFTs - even the famous Bored Apes. Snippets of the parody are currently circulating on crypto Twitter.

NFTs are a favorite target for satire: The Simpsons have already made a few jokes about crypto in several episodes. Even South Park has already parodied NFTs - in the episode "Post Covid." Even Elon Musk made fun of NFT's.

The NFT market is currently experiencing a crisis. Once leading marketplaces like OpenSea are laying off employees and trading volumes are at an all-time low. Many collections are nearly worthless, with the exception of prestigious blue chips such as Crypto Punks.

Other use cases are also emerging: NFTs as event tickets, digital IDs and more. In addition, many major brands - Adidas, Starbucks, Nike - are working on their own Web3 initiatives.

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