News - Optimism Foundation sells OP tokens

By Luc Vesters

Optimism Foundation sells OP tokens

The Optimism Foundation has sold about 116 million OP tokens - about $157 million - to seven separate investors. The crypto company announced that. The token sale was a planned and private event, the company said. The funds came from an unallocated portion of OP's token, the company said.

According to DefiLlama data, Optimism's assets still stand at about US$1.25 billion. The foundation launched its third community airdrop earlier this week, with more than 31,000 users receiving a share of 19.4 million tokens.

BTC-ECHO market expert Stefan Lübeck explains that despite the initially large number of OP tokens sold via OTC trading, there is no immediate danger of a sell-off - thanks to the two-year unlock period. "The interest of the big investors rather testifies to the fact that they seem to expect a medium- and long-term price increase due to the investment," says Lübeck.

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