News - Star investor Mark Cuban: Crypto makes Donald Trump president

By Mike Hesp

Star investor Mark Cuban: Crypto makes Donald Trump president

Crypto acceptance

The U.S. election campaign is heating up. More and more in the spotlight: the topic of cryptocurrencies.

How relevant are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in the American election campaign?

At the latest since likely Republican candidate Donald Trump declared his support for crypto, the topic has become increasingly important.

Star investor Mark Cuban also thinks crypto is an election-relevant topic.

He writes on the X-platform: "I have often said that Biden has to choose between Gensler and cryptocurrency voters or it could cost him the White House."

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler is considered notoriously cryptoskeptical. His office regularly sues relevant crypto market players.

Most recently: Coinbase and Consensys.

This blockade may become a problem for the Democrats. After all, US President Biden has installed Gary Gensler.

According to Cuban, this may now work to his disadvantage.

On May 10, Mark Cuban referred to Gensler's inability to protect investors from fraud - despite its restrictive course.

"Crypto-voters will be heard in this election," Cuban said on May 10.

Ultimately, the deciding factor will be how many Americans actually own Bitcoin, Ether and co. Estimates speaking of 40 percent - that would be about 93 million people.

Donald Trump sees his opportunity here.

Once Donald Trump was a fierce opponent of Bitcoin and co, but in the current US election campaign he is suddenly very accommodating.

According to reports Donald Trump is also a memecoiner. His memecoin portfolio is said to be worth $23 million.

The convicted criminal is also accepting campaign donations in various cryptocurrencies.

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