News - The fourth Bitcoin halving is a fact

By Ted Maas

The fourth Bitcoin halving is a fact

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A milestone reached

The fourth Bitcoin halving has just taken place at block 840,000, an event that occurs only once every four years and halves the miners' rewards. This marks an important stage in the evolution of the world's best-known cryptocurrency.

Adjustment for miners

With the halving, miners will now receive 3.125 Bitcoin for successfully solving the cryptographic puzzle. While this requires adjustment, it also presents opportunities for efficiencies and innovation within the mining community. Historically, miners have adapted to changing rewards and have continued to contribute to the security and decentralization of the Bitcoin network.

Historic bull-runs

Every previous halving was followed through a bull-run, during which the price of Bitcoin rose significantly. This trend raises prediction that a rise in the price of Bitcoin and possibly that of altcoins will also follow after this fourth halving.

The fourth Bitcoin halving is an important moment that limits inflation and protects Bitcoin's value in the long term. Despite the short-term challenges for miners, history has shown that the halving can have a potentially positive effect on the market.

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